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Refund and Returns Policy

1. Seematti allows a return only if the product is damaged or defective and the return request is to be raised within 2 (two) days of receiving the product by contacting our customer care. Customer should return such product(s), within 4 (four) working days of receiving it, subject to the condition that such product(s) is/are returned in a saleable condition with the price and info tags intact, the original folds and packaging retained, in an undamaged/unused condition.

2. In order to initiate the process of returning the products purchased on the Website in accordance with the 4 (Four) working days return policy, the Customer has to raise the return request by contacting customer care via email or phone within 2 (two) days of receiving the product. Notwithstanding anything contained in this policy, no Customer requests for the return of products purchased on the Website will be entertained, unless the Customer raises the Return request within 2 days of receiving the product.

3. Replacement of the products tendered on the Website is subject to inspection and checking by Seematti’s assigned QA check team.

4. Seematti has outlined the following procedure for a hassle-free return:

a) Customer must raise the request by contacting our customer care at +91 81292 33411 or write to us at explaining the issue along with an image of the product.

b) Following the acceptance of the request from Seematti to return, the Customer must immediately courier the product to the designated address:

MG Road
within 7 (Seven) working days of receiving the product (date of delivery) Any further requests for return will not be entertained after such period.

c) Customer must mention his/her name, order number, and mobile number, on the top of the packaging in which the product is couriered in accordance with the aforementioned procedure. The customer must ensure that the original receipt/invoice is included with the product when sending it to Seematti through a designated courier.

d) If the Customer is sending the product intended to be returned back by post, returns should only be sent through a company-designated carrier.

e) If the Customer has any questions in this regard, he/she may feel free to contact Seematti at +91 81292 33411 or write to us at

f) If the Customer decides to send us an e-mail, it must contain the comprehensive details of the defects/complaints of the product delivered to you. Please note that Seematti shall examine the returned products for all such defects/variations, on the basis of the Customer’s e-mails.

5. Notwithstanding any conditions set out here, while returning or exchanging the products, the Customer must furnish proof of purchase such as a shipping invoice, gift receipt, or member purchase history.

6. On receipt of the product from the Customer in the manner described above, Seematti in its sole discretion will decide whether to issue a credit note/voucher that can be redeemed against any other future purchase on the Website, or to offer an alternative product (of such price, which is equal to or less than the price at which the product intended to be returned as sold) of the Customer’s choice in exchange, or to reject such request for return. Further, the Customer shall bear and pay for the courier charges incurred by Seematti while implementing the 4 (four) day return policy. If the mistake is on our side, we shall return your courier charges through a credit note/voucher.

7. On receipt of the product in the manner described above, if Seematti in its sole discretion finds that the product is ineligible for return, Seematti will contact such Customer through his/her registered email ID or phone number with further instructions. In case, Seematti decides in this regard to return the product back to such Customer, then such Customer shall bear and pay for such courier charges.


1. If Customer receives a product in packaging that appears to have been tampered with, damaged, or is in an unsealed condition, Customer is advised not to accept such product. The customer is advised to immediately get in touch with Seematti at +91 81292 33411

2. Upon Seematti being satisfied at its sole discretion that the product was not damaged by any actions on the part of the Customer and after inspecting the product for signs of use, Seematti shall either issue credit notes or exchange/replace the product.


1. The details of the products or product specifications such as weight, color, handwork, size, etc. which are mentioned on the Seematti website are only approximate values, any request for return based on these attributes will not be entertained.

2. customers who prefer items with beads, stones, embroidery, and sequins must be aware of the fact that these shiny embellishments have a tendency to come off. Please Remember, even with the best handling and care, this problem cannot be avoided altogether. So, before ordering such an item please keep these things in mind. We cannot guarantee that those stones, sequins, etc will be intact when the product is delivered.

3. While placing an order the Customer is advised to keep in mind minor variations in color that can occur due to various reasons. Seematti tries its best to reproduce the exact color of the product on your screen, as seen on the monitor of the Customer. Variation may also be felt because of different resolutions, monitors, video cards, operating systems, and internet browsers used. Garments also have a tendency to reflect different shades of color under different lights.


1. Customer might not be able to cancel any order placed on the Seematti Website, once it has been processed or approved by Seematti.


1. Seematti at its sole discretion reserves the right to decide the form of refund i.e., a credit note or an offer of exchange that would be provided to the Customer. Further, Seematti would endeavor to accomplish the Customer’s refund processing within 12(twelve) working days from the receipt of the product from the Customer in this regard. Customers can get in touch with Seematti at in order to enquire about any further information in this regard.


1. In case of any dispute regarding any cancellation, refund, or return under this Policy, the Customer can contact Seematti at +91 81292 33411. However, the decision of Seematti in such a case shall be final and binding. This Policy shall be governed by, interpreted, and construed following the laws of India (Indian IT ACT 2002). The Customer hereby consents to Ernakulam jurisdiction of Kerala, India.

2. In any event, Seematti’s liability shall be restricted to the price of the product in question.

3. For any questions regarding this Policy, the Customer can write to Seematti at or call at +91 81292 33411