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What does Seematti’s different order status mean?

Seematti will pop up these messages to give you an update on your order: 

  1. When the screen shows ‘Cancelled’ – it means the order has been cancelled, due to non-payment. 
  2. When the screen shows ‘Processing’ – it means the payment has been successful and is ready to get shipped.
  3. When the screen shows ‘Pending / Pending Payment’ – it means the payment was  unsuccessful 
  4. When the screen shows ‘Closed’ – it means the order was cancelled due to customer request. 
  5. When the screen shows ‘Shipment on Transit’- it means the order has been shipped from our warehouse. 

How do we track our Seematti order?

Seematti will provide you with an E-mail regarding your order status. You will be receiving an E-mail when one of these happens. 

  1. When your order was successful
  2. When your order has been dispatched.
  3. When you have a cancelled order.

If you find any inconvenience in receiving this E-mails, kindly contact us at phone number: 8129233811 or write to us at

Do we ship worldwide?

We do ship worldwide for our beloved customers.

Does the customer have to pay for the shipping and delivery charges?

The customer will have to pay for the shipping and delivery charges. The total amount consists of packing, shipping, and delivery.

How does the shipping amount is decided?

Shipping charges include the weight & volume of the product and the destination of the delivery. Shipping charges are mentioned at the time of checkout.

How does the custom duty get decide?

Governments of the respective countries decide the customs duties. And each custom duty defer from country to country.

Do the website prices include taxes?

Yes, all prices seen on the website are inclusive of taxes.

What will be the expected delivery time?

It will take 5-6 working business days and it may take 6-7 days for international orders. All of our orders will get shipped within 1-2 working days from our office.

You Should Occasionally Look At The Results.

International customers will have to pay the VAT/ import duties and local taxes directly to our courier partner after you get your delivery package.