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How To Identify Pure Kancheepuram Saree

When it comes to Kancheepuram sarees, it’s important to check different details to make sure it’s truly authentic and well-made. Here’s a guide to help you, How To Identify Pure Kancheepuram Saree.

Examine the Zari of the Kancheepuram Saree:

The zari of pure Kancheepuram sarees is made from gold threads or wrapped silver threads with silk threads. A simple test is to scrape the zari; if red threads appear, it signifies pure gold zari, while white threads indicate a fake. Genuine zari should be bright, lustrous, tightly woven, and resistant to tarnishing.

 Perform the Touch Test:

Authentic Kancheepuram sarees, woven from pure mulberry silk, have a distinctive smooth, glossy finish and a heavier weight than regular silk sarees. When you rub the saree, it should feel soft. And you should notice a change in the temperature of your palm. Conversely, imitations may feel rough, and there won’t be a temperature change.

Observe the Luster:

Pure Kancheepuram sarees possess a natural sheen due to the high-grade silk used in weaving. When observed under sunlight, the saree will shine brighter than artificial fabrics, exhibiting a multi-toned shimmer depending on the angle. 

Conduct the Ring Test:

Due to the smooth nature of mulberry silk, a pure Kancheepuram saree can easily pass through a ring. If the saree slides through effortlessly, it’s likely an original. 

Analyze the Weaving:

Handwoven Kancheepuram sarees will have a slightly uneven weaving pattern compared to the uniform and precise weaving of power loom-made fakes. The reverse side of a handwoven saree will be smoother. Authentic sarees showcase intricate designs and motifs handwoven with precision. Using a technique called ‘korvai,’ where the border and pallu are woven separately and then attached to the main body. 

Look for the Hallmark:

A Silk Mark certification from the Silk Mark Organisation of India guarantees the saree’s authenticity and adherence to strict quality standards, ensuring the use of pure silk and traditional weaving techniques. 

Consider the Price:

Authentic Kancheepuram sarees are handcrafted by skilled artisans, involving hours of labor and the use of high-quality materials, making them relatively expensive. 

Check the Seller’s Reputation:

Purchasing from reputed sellers or authorized showrooms increases the likelihood of getting an authentic product along with the necessary certifications. 

By carefully examining these factors, now you know, How To Identify Pure Kancheepuram Saree. And appreciate their beauty, heritage, and the artistry of their creation. For an authentic Kancheepuram saree, Seematti offers a collection directly from master weavers, ensuring you get a piece that reflects the rich tradition of Kanchipuram silk.