It all started 400 years back when silk-weavers from Andhra Pradesh settled in the town of Kancheepuram. Eventually as the economy of the place was dependent on silk-weaving and also due to its sublime quality, the very town happened to be hailed as the epitome of silk. Not only a token of pride and elegance, but Kancheepuram sarees are also the reminiscers of the ancient hindu traditions and their beauty. As if the richness of a whole culture is incorporated in fabric, these silk sarees always stand with their heads high. The women since then and now have been extremely passionate about the same.

The majestic appeal borne by the golden threads and epic designs of Kancheepuram sarees is wondrous. A matchless beauty in fabric, the embodiment of dignified beauty or the story-teller of rich traditions - call it anything! For nothing can beat the classiness of a saree, which is skillfully crafted in the archaic town of Kanchipuram. Like a bridge that connects you to the core of it, we present before you, the finest of such creations, where each piece is a magnum opus of its ingenious creators of that renowned silk-town. For, the quintessence of silk sarees has always been our pride and it lies in our passion to accoutre you with the same.

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