The Ravi Varma-Retake with Seematti

It was a fabulous journey!

The contest was an instant hit. We found entries storming in right from day 1. The final date of submission of entries was extended on repeated requests from our followers. By the closing date, we received 1000+ entries, out of which we selected 600 that satisfied all the conditions specified for the contest. All the entries were so incredibly awesome that or judging panel had a tough time deciding the winners. As an appreciation for the sincere effort put in by the contestants, we decided to give away five additional consolation prizes, in addition to the 5 we had initially announced. The winners of the ‘People’s Choice’ and ‘Perfect Click’ awards received a cash prize of Rs. 25000 each. The ten consolation prizes winners were awarded Rs. 2000 each. Another selected model made it to the big screen by winning a role in a movie produced by Mehfil Productions.