The legend of Kanchipuram sarees

Kanchipuram Silk Sarees and their effect on the clothing industry

Considered one of the few silk sarees that can hold their own against the gorgeous Banarasi Silk Sarees in terms of aesthetics and craftsmanship, ‘Kanjeevaram’ or ‘Kanchipuram’ Silk Sarees have truly conquered the Indian fashion sphere. The unique feature about these sarees is that their body and borders are woven separated and are then interlocked together.

Over the years, Kanjeevaram has become the gold standard of sarees and they are also gifted to elders and women in the family on special occasions. Kanjeevaram is an identity, a brand of sarees in itself that people all over the country aspire to purchase and adorn. Today, we shall briefly look into the history of these prestigious silk sarees and why they have sky rocketed in popularity.

‘Kanjeevaram’ sarees get their name from the ancient Tamilian village of ‘Kanchipuram’ and it is considered a holy pilgrimage place in Hindu culture. So it is no surprise that the village has a coveted spot in Hindu Mythology as well, since it is believed that Kanjeevaram silk weavers happen to be the descendants of Markanda, a group of individuals who were the weavers for Gods themselves. The origin of these weavers is said to be from Andhra Pradesh and they decided to reside in the village of Kanchipuram around 400 years ago.

Inspired by the temple artworks they had witnessed all around them, they decided to inculcate those shapes and designs in the silks they weaved as well. Kanjeevaram sarees can be explained as an amalgamation of pure mulberry silk from the south, with gold Zari borders often seen in sarees from the North. Also, it can be seen that the designs on these sarees replicate the architectural style and imagery of ancient temples in the village of Kanchipuram, adding a touch of mystery and spirituality into these legendary silks. 

Special features
Kanjeevaram sarees tend to be heavier than their counterparts from other parts of the country, especially because of the process from which it is woven. Before weaving, the silk threads are submerged in rice-water and dried in the sun to get a feeling of stiffness from them. In some cases, Kanjeevaram sarees might weigh more than a kilogram due to this method along with the silk being twisted together with a silver wire, which is then introduced to a golden thread to complete the saree.

Also, their bodies and borders are woven separately after which they are interlocked together. Their designs are usually centered on depicting birds, floral designs or the architecture of ancient temples that were situated in the village of Kanchipuram. 

Seematti and Kanjeevaram
For over a century, Seematti has been perfecting the art of crafting exclusive Kanjeevaram sarees that do justice to the tradition and rich history of their origin along with pushing the envelope in making them contemporary enough to be worn with pride in the 21st Century.

Our collection still has a rich selection of Kanjeevaram sarees that will surely be a treat for the eyes and a treat for you to wear. They can be made on order as well, depending on the occasion you have in mind. Feel free to check out the Kanjeevaram section of our website to truly lose yourself in the beauty of these majestic sarees.



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