Seematti’s Signature Lehenga: A Creative Blend

Be it a dish containing flavours different, or a painting that carries different shades or a country filled with diverse population. Mixtures are always beautiful. 

Especially when it comes to fabric, there are no limits in the ways you can experiment with a variety of materials put together. 


Each time, they present a fresh view for you to admire; to take pleasure in; to recreate! 

Continually inspired by some self-experiments of that sort, Seematti has neatly crafted a  lehenga which owns a melange of textures. 


What it has in possession, is a range of lucid colours enriched with rare prints. The lavish amount of hand-embroidery employed in it, is what we call as an artisan’s magic. To thicken the consistency, we have South India’s own Kanchipuram Silk playing the role of an epic blouse which has the exquisiteness and grandeur of applique work. 


Lucidifying the brilliance of the craftsman further, an exuberant assortment of elements including sequins, cut beads and sugarbeads is used to complete the show, making it one of a kind.  

The freshness of the dupion silk used throughout, holds a special form of admirance gifted by the eyes around.  

This wise blend of exclusive fabrics and pretty-petty pieces, are a must try for every fashionista who has a special heart of love for rare clothing experiments.
Find this signature attire at Seematti and grace your wardrobe with a touch of profound resplendence!