Collections for Bridesmaids

A wedding wouldn't be a wedding without your girl squad. Seematti, the Premiere destination for Wedding attire doesn't forget about your lifeline and support as you can see through the Bridesmaid dress collection. Of course, the girl gang is there to be by you every step of the journey. From the first date, till forever. Now it is time for the squad to wear the crown of ‘Bridesmaids’ and are sure of adding volume to the overall sparkle!

All their lives, they have stood by the bride, so will they on her big day!

And here are ways in which you can rock it being in the pretty squad!  

The collection gets your girls looking gorgeous with the most trending Bridesmaids dresses of 2020.


Bridesmaide gown


Wondrously  Western

Flared gowns in hues vibrant (or as per the set theme), with or without embellishments are what you can try if you carry a love for the Western-style. 


The Half Desi Girls

Plain coloured zip-lock crop tops paired with full-length skirts of Indian prints are an option when you want to Indo-westernize the bridesmaid code. 


The Colour of Bond

The whole group of bridesmaids can follow a single colour to symbolize their unity. Colours mostly chosen are Purple, Pink, Red, Blue and the like.


Magical Mixture

Even after following the same colour, each of you can stay unique. Make the group have a mixture of Traditional and Modern apparels of similar or slightly different shades. 


Snazzy in Saree

Sarees can hardly be forgotten when they give you unlimited stunningness. The bridesmaids can either go all traditional with Indian accessories or minimize the look to a simple one. 

 Shades of Burgundy, Red Wine, Gold and Green can be the dresses and in turn, the girls can all look stunning. Bridesmaids dresses are designer and can be customized too, like Seematti's designer wedding dresses and customized wedding dresses. Seematti also has a stunning collection of Bridesmaid Sarees with intricate and beautiful designing. Seematti also has a large collection for the cuties who'll be stealing the show as the Flower Girls at your wedding with ‘The Flower Girl’ dress collection. So, in short, you know where to go to get your girl squad looking fabulous for your special day, the Premiere Wedding Attire Destination: Seematti, Kochi, Kottayam, Kerala, India.


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