Magic in Silk

Magnificence in art is the fruit of strenuous efforts and in fact, great things look great because of the amount of hard work and devotion they have behind.
Seematti is extremely proud to be the hands that moulded one such stupendous piece of art that has been the topic of many tables lately. Yes; we are talking about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Kanchipuram silk portrait made by Seematti, which is the top-rated and most expensive of the gifts received by him. We’d like to share some interesting facts about this exclusive portrait. 

The portrait which is 54 inches long and 48 inches wide, expresses itself in the amalgamation of 24 colours. Carrying 100% pure and unmixed zari, it has sharp detailing where even Modi’s skin colour, his hair strands on hand,  his watch, etc. are all clearly visible. The piece is solely handloom-woven in the town of Arani at Vellore District in Tamil Nadu and is absolutely authentic in all sense. What landed this artwork in perfection are however, the 9 samples which were created before this deliverable final version. Such care and persistence is what we made our signature gift with. Taking 4 whole months to tirelessly work and faultlessly carve it out, not only doubled the bliss we experienced at its completion but also assured us that it was worth incorporating an amount of INR 5.5 Lakhs as making cost. Recreating the same is almost impossible.


Here, majesty and sheer impeccability are woven to each other with the absolute passion in composing an inimitable artwork. The very silk portrait has now been put up for auction along with the other gifts presented to Shri Narendra Modi by leading brands, being tagged as the priciest of them all. 

If lucky, you can now own this unique and ritzy work, take pride in its sensuousness and celebrate its grandeur!