Fashion trends to ace your look this monsoon

Of all the seasons, monsoon is often dubbed as the most mesmerizing month, be it in terms of its pleasant breeze or to cozy up in your balcony with a cup of coffee. However, monsoon showers can also be unpleasant when you get caught in a traffic jam caused due to waterlogging, getting drenched and returning back home with stains and mud on your clothes. Therefore choosing the right clothes and fabrics is very very important during monsoon. Well, to help you out here we have some tips and tricks to minimize this chaos and opt for monsoon friendly attires.

Thumbs down to denims

The first step to learn is, what to avoid. Denims are precisely everyone’s favorite. Even while they make most of the trendy style statement, they are not for the monsoons. Denims are thick and take a lot of time to dry. Therefore opting denim jeans and jackets literally is a big no for the monsoon season. Also, wearing them for long can result in various skin problems.


Find your comfort zone

Capris, crop tops, shorts and skirts are the best for this season. The advantage is that they do not tend to make your attires dirty lest the rain showers may hinder your mobility. In tandem midi-dresses are also a good to go. However, make sure they are loose fitting and tend to dry quick.


Fabrics check-list

Crepe, polyester, mul, nylon and silk ticks the right fabrics to choose, which ultimately will make you feel free and comfortable in the drizzling showers. Moreover, they are lightweight and dry quickly unlike other normal fabrics. You can pick up an endless number of attires from these fabrics that are vibrant and monotone which undeniably will make you flaunt in chic and style.



Minimal and muted accessorization works well for monsoon. Presumably, they are enough indeed. Pick apparels that are lightweight and open. Flip flops, ballerinas, jelly shoes and slips ons with flunky colors will well deck up for the season. Also, consider using closed zipper bags with inner polyester lining. Scarfs and chokers are again a good choice.

Light make-ups are the best

No doubt, there is nothing worse than getting drenched with all your makeup flowing and leaving you a pucker sigh. Henceforth, go for light-nude makeup using water-proof products. You can up-do your hair or leave it loose with a bright print umbrella to cozy you from the showers.

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