Wearing the perfect wedding attire and walking down the aisle as all your dear and loved ones stare at you is a dream come true for all brides. And every bride deserves to look their best in their dreamy outf it feeling like a queen and that shouldn’t require a royal-size budget. Seematti has been designing and fulf illing the beautiful wedding dreams of all with our inf inite and exquisitewedding collections for decades.

Managing a wedding is a tough job especially in the midst of all these hiking prices. And that is why everybody is peeked into looking into affordable wedding sarees or lehengas for their wedding. How much you spend on your bridal saree is entirely up to you and it doesn't have to interfere with your dreams. But if you’re hoping to stay out of the quadruple-digit price tag range, there are plenty of beautiful , affordable wedding dresses available to you.

You can also choose shopping online thus you can cut down the travel expense and will get an enormous number of choices. You can buy your wedding dress online and find the perfect budget friendly wedding dress online.

Saree - The perfect bridal wear

Every little Indian girl has at least once worn their mother’s saree and has  stood in front of the mirror dreaming about their future wedding and their  perfect saree. Saree is a traditional Indian wear and an inevitable feature of  Indian weddings. The bridal sarees have come a long way with furtheradditions,  with beads, mirrors, various special designs and hand embroidery. Saree has changed, but the original essence of it is intact. So if you are looking for an affordable wedding dress then a saree is your best option.

The price range of saree can be varying as per the needs and hence we can always find an affordable wedding saree. Kanchipuram and Banarasi are the most commonly used wedding sarees, however there are other varieties too.



Lehengas - The modern friend of brides

Lehengas are the next best choice of brides. Lehengas can be altered in any  color, design and material. They can be modern, traditional and always be your  perfect partner. The modern bride not only wants to wear a new design, she also wants to set trends, and to set these trends what you need is style and not money. Lehengas can be expensive based on their material, and design, but it can also be budget friendly if you choose it from the right place.




Seematti and her bridal wears

Seematti has been spreading happiness and sparkling the dreams of people for many decades. Even if it is a traditional saree or a lehenga, Seematti has got you covered with her immense collection of unique styles. Seematti has an immensely popular collection of Kanchipuram and Banarasi sarees in our showroom in Kochi and Kottayam, Kerala which can perfect the wedding dreams of many.  In Seematti, you can also customize your bridal saree or lehenga with your unique ideas and creations and make the day more meaningful. Seematti thus houses the most affordable, unique, trendy and customized wedding collection which can also be shopped online.