The Ravi Varma-Retake with Seematti

How to Participate

Select a Ravi Varma Painting of your choice from the given list.

Take a photo where you pose like the selected Ravi Varma Model.

Post the image on both your Instagram and Facebook accounts by tagging Seematti.

Add the hashtags #RaviVarmaRetake #Seematti & #AlMallu

*Terms and Conditions*
  • Auto Likes or other fake methods for like-generation are not allowed.

  • Entries should be sent before 15th January 2020.

  • Prize money/Gift Vouchers are to be collected by-hand from Seematti Kochi.

  • Each participant may submit multiple entries but he/she cannot win more than once.

  • Participants must be at least 15 years of age.

  • The likes gained on both Instagram and Facebook will be added together for calculating the total likes of an entry.

  • The results which are declared by Seematti's judging panel shall be final.

  • Submissions will not be accepted once the deadline is over.

  • Photos that portray or include inappropriate or offensive content will be strictly prohibited and will not be considered for the contest.

  • Entry into the competition will be deemed as an acceptance of these terms and conditions.